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Shoots out the unseen beauty...

A single second shoot, that freezes in the minds of the customer for every seconds. I3 benchmarks in Industry photo shoots, Infrastructure and other junctures that can be show -cased through portraits and Landscapes.

I3 opens the Flash doors, clicks the past moments that welcomes the future guest at your door-steps. It helps in better understanding what is inside. These images play a key role in understanding the insights, advertising, marketing, and promotions.


Frames that grasps customer focus ...

Streaming videos helps customer in mapping their views for your business. It has more benefits online trading, promotions and other campaigns. The High-definition quality video defines your business highly to wide range of customers. Better understanding is possible through the streaming frames.

I3 tech has good proficiency in Industrial videos, Automation recording, Architectural projections, Working insights and many others.


Animations & Corporate Presentation

Animation gives life to the images...

I3 believes that animation is a visual feast to the viewers which is one of the biggest and latest trend-tech in the digital walk-throughs. It convinces large networks and lays a strong foundation. It is a tool for converting the complicated and comprehensive idea to simple form through visual effects. Animation acts as an good engaging medium. I3 has a good skill set in creating animated medias. These animation are guided e-tours for projecting goals and attitudes of your business to your target audience.