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Digital Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Tips and Tactics to enjoy the traffic...

An outsmarting algorithm that makes your business always focused through tricks and links.I3 helps you to be top-listed among your business groups. It optimizes the web page to establish your monarchy in the digital platforms. It retains the leading place for your business. We assure that the traffic for your page gets increased at regular intervals.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Positioning for business promotions...

It is the effective marketing strategy to uplift the business from one level to another. We promote your websites through internet marketing. I3 converts website traffic to target business deals. It positions the business in top-rankings. It’s all about the tricks around the meta tags for mega progress.


SMM - Social Media Marketing

No Screaming... It’s about Sharing

SMM helps in scaling the response regardless of cost. It is a proven method for Marketing transformation and also to improve business projection. Regardless, it is a social media commitment where we listen to the customer’s interest. We engage with customers through facebook, Twitter and popular media.

SMO - Social Media Optimization

Overlooked through optimization...

I3 links or integrates social media in your websites. We create more interestingness for your page via social media. We strategically build increased customer engagements through eye-catching contents. The contents mean it is not limited with text, it includes photos, videos and animation.


E-Mail Marketing

Traditional Method...Tremendous Response…

The traditional method of marketing and it is one of the legendary method in the W3 history. I3 believes it is the efficient and effective marketing for SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises).

I3 chooses E-mail marketing because it is cheaper and faster interface that understands the behavior of the customer. It also enhances relationship, convince customers and create s brand awareness.